Friday, September 17, 2010

Boonanghi Trail Early Spring Ride

Kingy and I organised a bit of a ride through Boonanghi.
I missed the meeting point through a miscommunication.
So it was a bit of a fuckup initially. Sorry boys.
We caught up with them on the Willi Willi Road,
then headed up Toorumbee and onto Stony Trail.

Leggsy didnt get 2kms up the ridge before he copped a flat tyre.
He turned around and headed home.

I think Kingy likes his new DRZ400.
I know I do. Its like riding a minibike after my DR650.

Chaff up to his usual tricks on the old DR250.

Yeah, theres a traffic hazard right in front of the sign.

We stopped to let Phil catch up.. again.

Eric was on his orange beastie.
Phil keeps trying to convince him to do the Kazakstan "Road of Bones" like Ewan and Charlie did. All I can say is it would be a slow trip. Glacially slow.

Might as well carry it in the tank eh Kingy?

Here comes Phil again. As fast as molasses on a cold day.
We lost him later. The bugger found us again though.

The other lads overshot the Trig Road.
At least me and Phil knew where we were going.

Sort of. He fell over about 1 second after this shot.
I knew where he was going anyway.

Time for another orange Phil?

I cased this huge rock in the long grass. It made a massive dent in my bashplate.
It moved three feet from its resting place when I hit it.
I did a flying W and bounced my visor offf the front guard.
It was messy but I held it together. Luckily.

Heres Kingy inspecting the damage.

I really like my DR650. Its grown on me.

After the trig it gets a bit more rainforesty.
Is that even a word? Well it is now.

Here I was chasing Phil. He nearly got away.

In his dreams.

These blokes are hard to keep up with.

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