Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tapin Tops Ride

I planned a ride down through Cottan Bimbang State Forest.

Heres the escarpment at Wauchope. They call it Bago Bluff.

I love old sheds.

This is great stuff on a big road bike.

An exceptional collection of rusty vehicles.

It rained for a while.

Knodingbull Road starts here.

Looking west from Blue Knob.

Looking east from Blue Knob.

Traction engine at Dingo Tops.

American Sequoia trees planted by timber getters in the 60's.

I had a decent camp. The mozzies were fierce.
A drop of whiskey helped me ignore them.

Good monring sunshine.

East towards the sea.

Lots of deep rainforest.

Looking towards Wingham.

Not a bad loop. I'll do it again and go over Barrington Tops next time.

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