Monday, April 9, 2012

Kilprotay to Longsaddle Ride

Today's plan was to head up into Hickeys Creek and join Kilprotay Road, 
then up into Five Day.
We met Phil at Mungay Creek and headed up into the range.
We found Spotted Cat Trail, which we had searched for previously, but never found.
Probably because we were usually moving to fast to read trail signs.
The trail was well over grown, so we headed out through Cockatiel Road into Thumb Creek.
The loggers had cleared Cockatiel somewhat and we took a trail into Little Thumb Creek.
After one wrong turn, we headed into Taylors Arm for lunch.
I swamped my camera at a fast creek crossing, so that was the last picture for the day.

There where some big wash aways, and a bridge that had fallen into the creek.
Kingy and Phil rode straight across, but David and I took the safer option. 

We met another mob of trail riders from Kempsey and had a fast run through Ennis Trail.
The old DR650 must have been too scary to pass, or I was just using all the road.
Only one young fellow on a WRF got past me, and that's because I let him through.
The big yellow beast just couldn't carry speed over the many jumps on Ennis Road.
After a quick breather we took Kingys Broken Ankle loop out into Mungay and home.

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