Sunday, April 15, 2012

Toorumbee to Carrai Ride

I'd organised  another run through Toorumbee Trail.
Eric, myself and another rider were supposed to meet up.
We waited 20 minutes for the third rider to turn up, but he must have thought better of it.
The clouds were low and a light drizzle had been going all night.
We spotted some blue sky off to the far west and crossed our fingers.

A quick tour of an abandoned sawmill and the Kemps Creek ruins.

Eric and I started out through Willi Willi into Toorumbee crossing a number of creeks on the way.
We were both doing well in the creek crossing stakes, until Eric hit a submerged rock and went in.

Typically there was a heap of deadfall logs on the track, which we crossed in various ways.

One of Erics high road routes had him over balance to the low side quite gracefully.
I offered constructive criticism and took photos as he righted himself.
Luckily Eric is one of the best humored people I know and took it all in stride.

We had some decent views of the Banda Banda Mountain face (except for all the bloody trees).
Someone should blow trees up.

Main Range Trail was at its slippery best with some large bogholes waiting to trap the unwary.

We slithered out onto Hastings Forest Way and stopped at the Wilson River Reserve.
A big goanna was not intimidated by anything. 
He was too focused on scavenging scraps from the BBQ.

Heading up into Banda Road we found some big deadfall logs once again.
It looked hopeless but we dragged the bikes through, only to find another bigger one 2kms up.
The rain set in properly at this stage and we made Brushy Mountain Reserve soaked to the skin.

A quick yak with one of the campers then on to Coachwood and Kookaburra Scout Hall.
We checked out the Kookaburra hut then made our way down the Carrai Road and home.
Another great day out even though it did piss rain, and thanks for joining the adventure Eric.

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