Friday, April 6, 2012

Gearys Flat & The Blowhole RIde

One of the Bowraville boys decided to join us for a run down through Kumbatine National Park.
We started out through Wittitrin and on to Bears Road.
Heading south we encountered some bridge work and many cows.
Crossing Little Loop Road up to the start of Gearys Flat we closed the loop at Dungay Creek.
With a few hours still up our sleeve we thought to have a look at "The Blowhole" on Boonanghi Forest Road.
Kingy snapped a brake lever on the DRZ so with a quick replacement we were off again.
I reckon Kingy should have left the lever off as he seemed much faster without it.
We crossed the greasy creek bed and headed down Duneight Road and back through Dungay Creek.
A good day was had by all with no injury, and plenty of laughs.

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