Thursday, April 26, 2012

ANZAC Day Ride

ANZAC day dawned crisp and clear. 
We took a moment to remember our lost soldiers and headed into the scrub.
Oh, wait. No we didn't. We had to fix a KTM that was leaking coolant first.
Once that was done, we jumped a heap of erosion mounds up to Boonanghi Trig.
Not before Jem parked nosedown in some rocks and broke a lever.
A quick repair then off again. 
Once more a short stop to bolt Simons muffler back on.
Bloody KTM's.
To top it all off, Big Matt got a flat tyre, just to slow us up some more.
We all put shit on him for the duration of the repair.
Considering all the stops, we made good time.
We found some new trails, joined a few up and made plans for our next one.

A top day.

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