Friday, March 30, 2012

Hickeys Creek Ride

I was tootling round town on my DR650, when I noted a heap of ADV type riders at the halfway shop.
They gave me some incentive to go home, pack my bag and head up river.
Imagine my surprise when I encountered the group on the Hickeys Creek Road.
Imagine their surprise when a dirty old DR650 dusted them all, power sliding all the way into Taylors Arm.
A bit of local knowledge goes a long way, and I have done the run to the TA Pub quite a few times now.
A young fellow on the KTM990 reckoned he had some bad fuel, or he would have "given me a run".
"Excuses, excuses" said I.
The rest of the group pulled in much later so we shared a beer and talked bikes.
They were up from Singleton and passing through to Bellingen for an overnight stay.
We parted ways and I headed back out through Collombatti.
A great way to spend an afternoon.

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