Sunday, March 11, 2012

Greta's Birthday Ride Bellbrook

Greta was turning 40. 
His lady Connie, Sparkplug Keast and a few others organised it into a ride/party weekend.
The venue was the Bellbrook Pub Cabins.
34 riders turned up on the morning. We headed up into the Nulla Nulla range.
The creeks took their toll on quite a few bikes. 
Some roadside mechanical work got most going again.
We only lost two on the day. Some fast single track led us up to meet the four wheel drives.
Everybody fueled up and had a bit of lunch. Then off we go.
A couple of corners were too much for some people. Some deadfall logs tested others.
But we managed to make it back to 5 Day Creek in one piece.
A few beers in the Bellbrook Pub warmed us up for the very tasteful strip show provided.
Stories flew thick and fast and the main party animals continued till the wee hours.
I think we should make it an annual event.
Thanks to the organisers and everyone who made it a great day.

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