Sunday, March 4, 2012

Far Kew Rally 2012

Simon, Jo and Bob had invited me to join them at the annual Far Kew Rally.
The plan was to get there the long way, via Walcha and Gloucester.
The weather was not kind to us, and Simon had a loss of front end grip near Gingers Creek.
We stopped at the Cafe, considered our options and headed back down to Wauchope.
The Kew Rally was in full swing with Unicycle racing and burnout competitions.
We enjoyed the bands and a few beers with the American Bike Owners group.
A good crowd and no hassles.

These dumper trailers have been stacked here for the past few years.
It appears the owner has been treated poorly by some financial group.
Surely not?

A coffee and hamburger stop at Gingers Creek Cafe warmed us up a bit.
I think Jo needed to settle her nerves after the "moment" on the way up.

I don't mind the look of these Triumph Scramblers.

Is would seem Simon has a "Clan".

Pebie rode up on his Motarded 660 Yamaha. These look pretty good too.

This thing is termed a "unicycle" and they race them on a dirt track.
The idea is to loft the front skids in the first 30 yards and beat your competitor in a drag.
Funny as hell to watch, and spectacular when they dig in and roll.

The vtwin Honda unicycle got put away after a mega faceplant.

The beer was reasonably priced, and the service friendly. The tucker was good too.

An impromptu bike show was organised. Bob just had to enter Simon's Harley.
Luckily he managed to keep it upright with his stumpy legs.

Looks like urban camo is making a comeback. Was it ever "in" though?

The burnout comp was exceptional, with a couple of full on efforts.
The VROD popped the tyre, but continued until the number plate and guard were toast.
Another barefoot chappie had trouble shifting through gears, and trashed his clutch big time.

Heres Little Bob doing his best ET impression.

Pebie Murphy talking to the clean cut gent who was told to cease taking photos.
Apparently he resembled a police officer. 
Some hairy bikies offered to insert his rather large camera in a certain orifice.
I must resemble the average hairy bikie as I didn't have any problems.

Little Bob had the best camp out of all of us. Hope the smell of petrol wasn't too overpowering.

The wind came up through the night and tossed stuff around. I didn't hear a thing.

This is the fellow who toasted his clutch in the burnout comp.
Luckily he had his boys to lend a hand.

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