Monday, April 19, 2010

Life is not not a popularity contest.

I've been working for one of our local family support services for the past six years.

The Manager was a previous client, altogether I've been providing her IT support for nearly a decade.

We've had a pretty good rapport. They know I will provide same day service, and sometimes within the hour if possible. I always "round down" the invoices and theres plenty of quick and easy jobs I never charged for.

Their systems work all day, so in the majority of cases Id remove the system to my shop, work through the night and have it delivered and installed by open of business. (charging normal rates mind you)

So recently there was a change of management, for whatever reason. I dont ask too many questions. Before the new manager took the helm they required many hours of work on all the systems in order to remove virus', spyware and any software not relevant to business. I did all this and charged half what I'd normally invoice for, as they are repeat clients. Its good public relations. Also their modem-router and network switch had copped a major lightning strike and needed replacing. I supplied a spare router and switch just to get them through.

Anyway, I get a message on my machine and its in a very narky tone. The new manager has secured the services of another IT support business and she requires me to make an appointment to pick up my modem-router and switch.

Now I could care less that they've got a new technician. You can't please everyone.

I get an email stating that she has assessed work and costs to date at the business and apparently Im charging them excessively?

Now how the fuck could she work that out, considering she wasnt there?

Im not too concerned about the modem router and switch. I'll pick them up in my own time.

So I get two heavy phone calls about this modem-router. She demands I pick them up now.

I inform her that Im busy and will pick them up when I could.

She gets so heated that I have to terminate the call.

When you enter into an argument with this type of person it's pointless.

Im still waiting for my ADSL modem and Netgear Switch.


Anonymous said...

If you loan a friend twenty dollars and never see them again, it was probably twenty dollars well spent.

Ian said...

Yes, but in this case its $120 for the modem/router and $140 fo rthe switch.