Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tankstand Project

With summer providing a good dose of rain, I knew we'd best make the most of it. We have a decent sized tank on the property but it has sustained some damage from a falling tree. (A bushfire went through before we owned it)

It tends to leak a bit and the top has been cut out, which allows a large breeding group of green frogs. They harmonise un-melodically all through the night.

I had a 1000 gallon tank at my old shack on dads property, so it was drained and moved.

I found three very smelly dead frogs at the bottom, so a good scrub out with some bleach was in order. You can imagine how much fun that was. Bits of frog everywhere.

Earlier in the year I'd dropped a few bloodwood trees, and once debarked looked right for the job. They should be good for forty years in the ground if treated correctly.

Drained and loaded.

Posts cemented in.

Levelled up ok

Tank on and stand oiled.

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