Monday, April 19, 2010

Got a head like a hollow log..

Phone rings

"Is this ODT Computers?"

"Why yes it is, how can I help you?"

"Well, we just moved here and our computer wont start".

"We dont have a TV, and our car got totalled by a dog and my husband and child are going crazy because they've nothing to do. So I want to get this computer fixed. How long will it take?"

"Well there are several computers in front of your so best case scenario is two or more days."

"Oh, Ok. How much do you charge?"

"I charge $80 per hour but usually dont go beyond $120, depending on the problem."

"Oh. Well. Also we are having trouble paying the mortgage, and Lisa needs braces, and Im not sure I can pay you untill the following fortnight. Is that going to be a problem?"

"Well, not really. Just understand the computer stays here until its paid for".

"Oh, damn.. ok. Well we did want it back soon. Do you accept credit cards?".

"No, I dont Im sorry".

....long pause... "Oh, well Im not starting work until later in the month and Ill be a bit strapped for cash, but I will pay for it eventually". When my next dole cheque comes in.

"Thats fine. When you are ready."

So they want it fixed now, and want to pay later. How about I fix it later and you pay me now?

Seems fair to me.

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