Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sorry to ring at this hour but...

The phone rang at 9pm. Unusual enough, but this client was desperate to have her computer fixed "right now". Now I dont mind helping someone out, but this particular client had never called me for work before, instead choosing the local storefront for her repairs.

Desperate means call for desperate measures I suppose, and Ill bet no one would answer the phone at the shop this time of night.

One of the detriments to running a business from home is calls at all hours.

At this time of night though, I was putting my daughter to bed then about to do the same.

After a few beers and a whiskey I wasnt much good for anything, let alone computer repair.

I offered to let her drop it in tonight and I'd start on it first thing (usually 7-8am) so plenty of time to have it ready by start of business.

Well, nope thats not good enough so off she went to ring someone else. I got the impression that I a a bit of a bastard for not catering to her, but some people expect a lot.

I hope she got it fixed.

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