Sunday, April 17, 2011

Taylors Arm Pub via Roses Road - Mungay Creek

Pete had the idea that we might head to Taylors Arm Pub for lunch.

The hard way.

Roses road is not used often, and network of old logging roads runs off it.

Stopped at Chain of Ponds

The DR650 in its natural environment

A small obstacle this time

Phil has some water

 It was pretty wet and the track was littered with deadfall trees.

Some of them required all hands to pass the bikes over, or under.

Pete thought he could skirt one by heading down the ravine.

The main problem was it got steeper and traction was poor.

By the time he stopped, the bike was hundreds of feet down a steep sided gully.

Phil and I roped it off so it would not progress any further.

Then we dragged the wheels one at a time until we could stand the bike up.

Using some trees as a belay point we hauled and clutched the bike up the hill.

Another dead fall tree

Where are you Pete?

At the end of this rope

A hitchhiker

Top of Collombatti Trig

The Taylors Arm Pub was a welcome stop, as they had the potbelly stove stoked up.

We all steamed for a while then ordered some lunch.

There's plenty to look at with all manner of tools and antique gear on the walls.
The Taylors Arm pool room

The potbelly stove was good value

The food is pretty good too
As the caption says

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