Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jeogla - Wollomombi - Aberfoyle - Bundarra Ride

I'd had plans of taking a few of the boys up the big hill towards Glenn Innes and Inverell.

It seemed logical to do some recon and see what was in store.

The day started out nicely, plenty of sun and good temps.

The difference in vegetation once you get up on the armidale side is quite interesting.

Its so green in the Macleay at the moment.

Past Wollomombi you'd think they were still in drought.

Just off Five Day Creek bridge
Mountain view heading up the Macleay Valley

On the Poplar flat looking towards Kunderang

Overlooking Macleay River south of Georges Junction

Near Crystal Brook

One lane and prone to rockfall

The old house above Georges Junction

Creek above Georges Junction

View from Lower Creek Bridge

Panoramic view of range below Georges Junction

The turnoff to Halls Peak and East Kunderang Station

The old forestry huts have seen better days

View from Styx River Bridge

The creek above Styx River Bridge
Heading north out of Wollomobi

Chandler Road on the way to Thalgarrah

Rockvale Road heading to Thalgarrah

Thalgarrah Anglican Church

Up through Puddledock on the way to Black Mountain

Springmount Road out of Puddledock

Plenty of rocks. Not too many trees.

Booroolong near Longford Field Science Research Station

Longford Road

Laura Road

On the way to Baldersleigh

Old sheepshed Baldersleigh

Laura Road

Rocky outcrop Laura Road

Laura Road

Baldersleigh Sheep Station

Laura Creek

Laura Creek

Gwydir River - Full of carp a foot long!

Thunderbolts Way - Raining hard now
Heading back down the big hill

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