Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mark Walkers new project - Saltster

I cant visit Dorrigo without dropping in to see my good friend Mark Walker.
He's been making great progress with his latest project "The Salster".
It's a 1000cc rotary valved vtwin with salt racer styling.
Slim and minimalistic, it should be interesting to hear it run.
Mark had just got the frame back from painting,.
My engineer mate Trevor had spent some with Mark on the last project "Big Ned",
So Mark and Lynne were pleased to catch up with him.

Mark tapping out threads

A 1000cc vtwin in brass, alloy and copper

Some very quirkiy engineering is obvious

A rotray port for your viewing pleasure

Twin copper elbows o ringed to the carb

Hydraulic Ram fuel tank

Make sure the tap is turned up tight

A nice alloy block manifold


Trevor and Mark

One of Marks older projects
Drive Side

The green machine

Every part is beautifully engineered

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