Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mr Vagina?

I installed a new Netgear WG311E Wireless Network card this morning.
I went to shut it down and the old style logon window appeared. I thought it unusual.
Upon reboot it gave the old logon window once again.
 I opened the User account control panel to reset the welcome screen.
Fast user switching was disabled. It gave me an error message that a MrvGINA.dll file was the issue.
I'm thinking what the hell is this Mr Vagina bullshit?
It has a brand new install of windows so its not a porn virus or similar.
Some google searching later I find a registry fix.

Go to Start >Run and type regedit. When the registry window opens browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/Current Version/WINLOGON Delete the key named GinaDLL. Rightclick and delete the file. Reboot the system.

I'm usually pretty happy with the netgear product but this is pisspoor. If I sell this card to a client and they got this error, what the hell would they think? Let alone the fact that I'd have to fix it for them. I suspected that a netgear tech may have got the hump with his boss or some such but the naming of the file is quite innocuous apparently.
MRV = Marvel (chipset in the card) GINA = Graphical Identification aNd Authentication.
Netgear quality control, where were you?
The error itself was bad but the naming of the file ridiculous. Back to D-Link products I think.

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