Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No obligation free quote.. The first one maybe.

I make a lot of quotes.
I don't expect all of them to guarantee a purchase.
But some of my clients like quotes. They request heaps of them.
One fellow has requested four quotes in the past year for a gaming system.
I send them off and never hear another word. I'm not sure what his intentions are.
Maybe he thinks that if it appears he will purchase a high end system I'll be his best friend.
All he has done is piss me off. It takes an hour to do a quote.
The quote changes every time.
I have to calculate my margin and freight then print and send it.
So far this has cost me a few hundred dollars in time. Time, as they say, time is money.

My quotes are very competitive.
Often I think my they are used to beat down another dealers price.
I hope these type of people end up with a Dell - Vista combo as punishment.

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