Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can I purchase some insurance fraud please?

A customer came to my workshop today.
She requested an storm insurance report for her system.
I asked her to describe its symptoms.
She described an issue with the cursor moving across the screen.
Probably a faulty mouse.
I explained that most of the systems I wrote assessments for were actually nonfunctional, due to lightning induced fusion.
She was adamant that she had arranged with her insurer to write the computer off.
She named a couple of other household items that she was having "written off" as well as the computer.
I'm quite happy to do the assessment but Im not prepared to commit fraud in order to make a few dollars. This is why our insurance premiums are through the roof.
Anyway I agreed to check the system in order to ascertain repair costs.

I plug it in and it boots. It starts and runs fine. Clean as a whistle.
 I cant find anything wrong with it. What do I charge her? Nothing.

Just take the thing and go. Please..

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