Monday, November 10, 2008

Computers.. Who needs them?

I love computers.
I mostly enjoy fixing them.
Each one is a challenge and a puzzle. Some are just headaches.
Computers usually run just fine until you start installing software.
I recommend that people keep things simple.
Don't install 100's of crap programs.
Its not uncommon to see 5 or more image manipulation programs installed in a system.
I've also seen two or more antivirus suites running together.
Some people think, if ones good, two must be better..
Its not.

Heres a few tips for relatively problem free computing.

(1) Keep it clean. Use CCleaner to remove temporary files.

(2) Install an Antivirus software. Ensure its up to date. Scan regularly.

(3) Minimalistic is best for your system. Only install what you need.

(4) Beware of Spyware. Websites that recommend spyware removal tools are often dubious.

(5) Dont share your main email address with the web. Use a disposable hotmail or yahoo email.

(6) Please dont encourage spam mail. Dont forward email with all the addresses in the header.

(7) Dont reply to spam mail or use the unsubscribe option. It just indicates your email is active.

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