Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sculptures by the Harbour - Clarkes Point Reserve

If you've looked through my blog at all, you'll see I enjoy sculptures and such.

Seems like I always have. 

I was lucky to have a good teacher who encouraged such things.

Thanks Mr Gibson. Once again.

The Clarkes Point reserve was dotted with interesting objet d'art.

A surfing amputee

A fish looks on

A welding slag bird of prey

Colourful boxes

A lot of steel went into this one

Shiny and cool to observe from all perspectives

Looks like something my dad would slap together

Lest We Forget

Seed Pods

Non utilitarian steel slab art

I really liked this one

The notes played a tune

Framed the bridge

Coat racks

A mix of wood and steel

Rusty heart in a shiny cage

Part of the old slipways

Schooling fish

A lot of air traffic today

And more

A woven cocoon 

Kinetic art sculptures

Very cool

Ever changing

Wheels turning


The focus

Creepy little devil

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