Friday, May 12, 2017

Homebush Olympic Park - Brickpit

In 2000 I left Coast Security.

I found an advert in the paper requesting guards for the Olympics.

Workforce International, a labour hire company somehow got the tender to provide guards.

Problem was, they didn't have any guards to employ.

So. they threw licences at anyone who lined up for the job.

The obvious issue was that most had no experience. 

The few that did had to train, roster and supervise people to a point where they would be useful.

I started working static guard on Hockey and Tennis, then on to the Aquatic Centre.

I did a little CCTV work etc there until a supervisor realised I had some experience.

He placed me in an area between Sarah Durack and Rod Laver Drive.

Initially it was mainly supervising builders and access via manifest documentation.

Then as things ramped up, I had more guards and area than I could control,

The security coordinators thought I could handle more and more.

Luckily the core crew that I started with assumed management roles.

We worked long shifts in shit conditions. Got treated like dirt.

They created a special "Olympic Wage Agreement" which meant flat rate pay.

But I met some of the greatest people there.  Police, guards and volunteers.

Although I worked my ass off, it was one of the greatest times of my life.

There was no part of Olympic Park I was not privy too. I saw it all.

At peak I ran 60 guards and filled the gaps from a flying squad.

A little like herding sheep at times, but we made it work.

Every now and then I return there and see whats changed.

Novotel was the hub for the park at the time.

The lighting towers were rumored to house snipers

Actually as vantage points go they are excellent

The fountain by Kronos Hill

The hill is actually a toxic waste dump

I'm not sure what the steps signify

I did many cold shifts on this gate

The highlight was watching a sports bike mono the length of Kevin Coombes Ave

Off to the station for lunch

Then round to the brickpit

I'm not real good with heights

The platform moves a bit too

Old crown wheel

The brickpit provides a habitat for an endangered frog

Entrance to the ringwalk

View of the pumphouse

A lot of Sydney was made here

Viewing platform

Spotless Stadium in the distance

Panorama of the ringwalk pool

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