Thursday, May 25, 2017

Forbes River Road - Sofala

Its time for my yearly Easter sojourn over the range.

I do my best to find new and more difficult ways to Sofala.

This time I headed down Forbes River Road from Banda Trail.

Gingers Creek for fuel, then straight down Knodingbull Road to Mt George.

Tiri - Bundook and on to Gloucester.

The sun was leaving me as I passed the Barrington Tops dingo gate.

As always I made Sofala pretty late after a slab run through Bylong.

All the way keeping my eyes peeled for wildlife.

200 metres out of Sofala camp I hit a bit roo at speed.

I gripped the bike with all my strength and wobbled to a stop.

By the time I turned around the roo had passed on to the great beyond.

I'd hit it full force with my knee armour and boot at over 80kmh.

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