Thursday, May 25, 2017

Forbes River Road - Sofala

Its time for my yearly Easter sojourn over the range.

I do my best to find new and more difficult ways to Sofala.

This time I headed down Forbes River Road from Banda Trail.

Gingers Creek for fuel, then straight down Knodingbull Road to Mt George.

Tiri - Bundook and on to Gloucester.

Pack light, move fast.

Hastings Forest Way

Tower 2 lookout on Hastings Forest Way

Forbes River Road

Forbes River Road

Rusty Gold

Someone stole the previous one

Some rain coming

Forbes River

Hit the Oxley Highway

Mount Seaview

Gingers Creek Cafe

Knodingbull Road

Blue Knob Fire Tower

Dingo Tops Traction engine

Tiri Road

Gloucester Buckets

The sun was leaving me as I passed the Barrington Tops dingo gate.

As always I made Sofala pretty late after a slab run through Bylong.

All the way keeping my eyes peeled for wildlife.

200 metres out of Sofala camp I hit a bit roo at speed.

I gripped the bike with all my strength and wobbled to a stop.

By the time I turned around the roo had passed on to the great beyond.

I'd hit it with my knee armour and boot at about 90kmh.

My boot lost two buckles and picked up some fur.

Here's a map for you.

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