Monday, July 4, 2016

Toms Creek - Killabakh - Sofala Ride

Searching for new options trailwise to suit my annual pilgrimage to Sofala.

I found a track called Toms Creek.

It runs off the Oxley Highway just out Long Flat

Climbs into the range with great views back down the valley.

Dropping into Killabakh after passing Ellenborough Falls.

I headed up into Wherrol Flat hoping to join up with Dingo Tops.

A little bushwhacked I stopped and asked directions at a property.

Ken Padman showed me his incredible mail train build.

On the right track now with Black Flat Lane.

Which put me straight at Mt George

Crossing the Tiri River and on to Bundook.

Gloucester Buckets

Out of Gloucester onto Cobark.  - Rawdon Vale.

Stopped at the Moonan side of Barrington Dingo Gate.

I rolled into Sofala very late after slabbing through Merriwa/Bylong/Kandos.

The old and rooted club were in fine form.

One of our blokes speared off the road at speed to avoid a car.

Sofala Camp

Max Cranes heap of shit GSXR1100.

Still managed a 1 day run from Melbourne though.

Uncle Al

Crowie is going well with the renovations.

Sofala Pub

A shot on the road out of Hill End.

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