Monday, July 4, 2016

Felters Creek - Daisy Plains - Mooraback Ride

Brett got the notion we'd explore Daisy Plains once again.

We got permission to go up through Double Head Trail from the owner.

Lots of deadfall trees, so the saws came in handy.

Stopped at McMillans Hut on the Carrai Road.

Good views all the way to the coast.

I've been camping up here since I was a little tacker.

The old traction engine at Daisy Plains.

Kempsey Shire council wanted to move it to a park in town.

They even oiled the axles and attempted to move it.

It's been a part of this area since dot and should stay there.

My mate Brett is a decent fisherman.

He snagged a little trout out of the creek.

We camped in the Forestry Huts.

Its never locked as idiots just break in anyway.

I slept in the kitchen near the fire.

The smoke nearly killed me, its the worst built fireplace ever.

A quick stop at Hoppys Lookout.

Views of Kunderang.

Out through Cobcroft Road we stopped to boil the billy.

Some blokes get a bit carried away. Literally.

Back into Wauchope and Port Macquarie, we decided to ride Point Plomer Road.

Its a rutted, sandy track linked by stinking bogholes. 

Great fun.

A quick stop south of Crescent Head. Then home.

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