Friday, July 8, 2016

Mount Banda Banda Ride

Brett and I planned another ride.

Once again through Double Head Trail.

Permission from the owner granted, we headed up to the Carrai Plateau.

As per usual the storms had dropped plenty of trees.

Luckily someone had sawn most of the worst ones.

My chainguide is a stick magnet.

On Coachwood Road heading towards Mooraback.

View from Hoppys Lookout.

Kemps Pinnacle to the right.

Brett trying his hand at photography.

Brett attacks the creek crossings at speed.

Spokes Trail is closed. Has been for many years.

Pulled into Brushy Mountain Reserve.

A great little camping spot.

We decided to attempt walking to the back of Banda Banda Mountain.

No other choice as National Parks have gated it.

We ran out of daylight and had to turn around.

We headed out via Hastings Forest Way for a long cold grind up the highway.

A good day out once again. Thanks Brett.


pia legong Bali said...


AJH said...

Great photos, it seems amazing that national parks would rather trails become overgrown than be usable. How Passable is the Banda Banda trail?

Ian said...

Thanks mate. It is standard practice for NPWS to gate and lock tracks these days. They locked a whole section called Kunderang. I rode into it via an ungated trail and copped a $500 fine for Christmas. No signs to be seen. You can pay a premium to go into Kunderang on a 4wd tagalong tour though. So it seems we have to pay to see our own parks. One way or another. You can walk to the back of Mount Banda Banda via the Banda Arboretum Loop off Banda Road. I've tried but ran out of daylight.