Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sofala - Old and Rooted MC

Grant didn't expect all these people to turn up for his Birthday.

He thought it unusual when more and more of us arrived.

Here he is having breakfast with his girls the next day.

Electric and Uncle Head at sunrise smoko.

The old Sofala General Store has seen better days.

The Cafe did a roaring trade the next morning.

Di having a chat with Mossy.

Mossy checks out one of these new fangled Samsung super cameras.

Uncle Heads old Goldwing and Brownies Guzzi Titanium.

The old windows from the shop.

Dad talks with Janie and Electric.

Kandos Hotel on the way to Sofala. Had some good times here in the past.

Farmlo lets it all hang out.

Nice little church in Kandos.

Stopped in Rylestone for fuel.

An old XS650. I used to race one of these in a short circuit sidecar.

Bylong valley tractor.

Jesus' bought himself a 675 MV Agusta with all the electronica.

One of the crew bought this sidecar off the side of the road today for two grand!

What a score.

This was to be our digs for the night. Spacious and dry.

This old beast rumbled into town. I just had to have a look under the bonnet.

Beach Ball seems happy. He's not far from the bar I suppose.

Bob and Di.

Grant unwraps his present. With a little help.

The rippingest, roaringest fighteningest man the frontier ever knew.

Brownie talking with Glen.

The roof of our abode had an interesting vegetation hanging out of it.

Plenty of room to unroll the swags though.

The Royal Hotel Sofala in all its glory.

Farmlo rolls in on his GT Kawasaki.

Morty picked up a little friend.

Morty taking pictures of me taking pictures.

John and Matty having a laugh.

Dad and Electric in earnest conversation.

Shitlegs turned up with his new lady.

Then came the speeches.

And the burnouts.

Harry takes it all in.

They seem happy.

Another familiar face.

A headstone for Philpott.

This was the rowdy table.

And these two where the rowdiest.

A bit quieter over here.

Geez, talk about a disfunctional family.

Head and Electric.

Interesting pair. No bikism here.

Hairy looking buggers aren't they?

Things were getting pretty loose at this stage.

Grant gets a hug from Nell.

I got up for a look around at sunrise.

It was a bit quieter than it was last night.

Some of the old house show character.

Some history here.

Electric misjudged his parking on Grants trayback.

The old post office.

They rebuilt an old footbridge and placed it in the park.

You should have seen it before.

Some gold working machinery.

And again.

This big old roo was to tough to tangle with. I left him alone.

Sofala Bridge.

The bar of The Royal Hotel Sofala.

Jimmy, Janie and Matty looks ready to pop.


Anonymous said...

It was just a fantastic surprise .With all my old mates that have been riding together for over forty years. Thanks Ian for attending and thankseversomuch for these great great pictures & memories.

Ian said...

No worries Grant. It was my pleasure to be there. Cheers.