Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Harry's Place Moonan

It was Grant's Birthday soon, so the Old & Rooted Motorcycle Club organised a surprise party.

Dad, Uncle Head and Brownie were heading over to Sofala for the celebrations.

I decided at the last minute to pack my kit and tag along.

Uncle Head arrived not long after sunrise.

He looks like an Angel here, but I can assure you he's not.

We made our way down to Wingham and turned towards Gloucester and the Buckets Way.

Here's a pic of the Gloucester Buckets

We arrived at Harrys Place near Moonan, where Dad was already settled in.

Harrys place has a great collection of bric a brac and antiques.

Everywhere you look there are interesting things.

Harry yahooing from the yard.

Moonan Brook. Some good trout fishing to be had here.

Walnuts nearly ripe on the tree.

Harrys Well.

The old well head windlass.

View from the dining room.

Harry likes his old BMW. Brownie put a nice coat of paint on it.

Dad did the engine up for him. Harry keeps it looking good.

The old school house fittings are fascinating.

A set of old shop scales. I remember when these were in use.

Little customisations abound.

Harry can turn out some pretty cool leathercraft from his bench.

Head and Harry inspect the garden.

Its a beautiful place. Very peaceful.

Cool wind chimes.

Thunder egg and some insulators.

The old meat cutter.

Keys and spanners.

A butter churn I think?

Ned is common theme here.

Anvil on the outside table.

A couple of dessicated rabbit heads.

Early morning warblers.

The dingo house.

Interesting aesthetic.

Weather vane at sunrise.

Not sure about this thing.

Bridles and tack.

The dingo's were very nervous and curious at the same time.

Clinker built sail boat.

The old fuddies have a cup of tea in the sun.

We make our way to Sofala via the Bylong Valley Road.

I photo-shopped the needles. I'm good at that.

Bylong Valley Views.

Stopped at the Bylong Cafe Servo. Its a popular bike stop.

This Duke rolled in rattling its head off. That's how a dry clutch sounds.

Beautiful machine though.

Brownie twisted the wick on the big Guzzi and dissapeared before I knew it.

I just had to round him up.

We made good time into Rylstone. 

I did manage to get round Brownie and the Titanium just didn't have the top speed of the Bandit.

Fun times.

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