Monday, February 25, 2013

Kempsey Floods February 2012

Its been pissing rain off and on for over a month now.

We can complain about the weather all we want, but we can't control it.

The best you can do is prepare and use some common sense.

I took the opportunity to have a look around on one of the rare days it wasn't raining.

The South West Rocks Road, Smithtown and Summer Island way had all gone under at some stage.

Large areas of Kempsey are still underwater and would be for a while.

I liked the look of this lone tree in the paddock near Barnett's Lagoon.

People started exploring the roads, some to get supplies in.

Behind my house is a sizeable lake now. Perfect for boating.

The locals of Smithtown and Gladstone park their cars on the big bridge.

The main street of Smithtown was well under.

The Local Fire Service do some cleanup on the Summer Island Way.

Still blocked going in to Clybucca.

At the back of Coles Town Centre.

Verge Street.

Kemp and Eden Street.

Carrington Street.

The longest Bridge in Australia.

Racecourse on North Street.

Second Lane off North Street looking towards Pacific Highway.

Kemp Street.

Kempsey Traffic Bridge.

Sea Street.

Big Josh keeping the looters at bay.

Little Bell Chopper looking around.

Local Police keeping idiots out of the water.

The geese weren't phased by the floodwaters.

SES rally Point Gladstone.

Chocolate milk.

Panorama off the Traffic Bridge.

Returned Services Club

View upriver from the Traffic Bridge/

Panorama from Rudder Lookout.

York Lane.

Summer Island Way power pole damage.

Eden Street.

Elbow Street near Macleay Riverstone.

Eden Street Railway Overpass.

Second Lane Panorama.

I saw this Commodore stuck in Hastings River Drive.

I walked out and tapped on the window to see if anyone was in it.

The tinted windows and condensation didn't allow me to see in.

No answer so I answered a call of nature.

Then a head popped out the window.

I asked him if he required a push out of the rapidly rising flood waters.

He claimed he could get no further by pushing, so I convinced him to get out and try.

We pushed it up to a dry section of the road so he could wait for help.

What a nunga.

Eden Street

Hastings River

Midcoast Riverstone

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