Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DR650SE rack

I needed a rack for my DR650SE. I looked around and found most were expensive or unsuited to my needs. I talked to my mate Doc Milligan at North Coast Steel and scored some 20mm pipe.
The size would ensure rigidity and fit the average ocky strap.

I took a section up to my dads and used his pipe bender to form out a rough pattern.

I cut the kink out of the rear bend and narrowed the whole thing. It just seemed too wide.
The foil made a reasonable spatter barrier to keep paint and plastic in good order.

I had some smaller section tube in the shed, so it made good sized cross bars.

The rear mounts are welded in and its balanced up nicely.

Out with the sandpaper to give it a finish ready for paint.

The blinkers needed some tabs welded in.

A coat of paint and its starting to look ok,

Fitted and ready for its first road test.

What would I change? I'd possibly go wider on the next one.
This makes a good weekender, but for a few days away I need some more space. I'd also incorporate some means of mounting saddle bags. I'd go out as far as the pipe on the right and balance it on the other side with with a tool tube.
Also the blinker tabs need to be mounted a bit more inboard. I find Im knocking them more than I should. A wider rack will give them more protection, and in the event of a fall support the sides of the bike from the ground. Still its turned out pretty well, and its had a few hard trips away since I built it. No cracks or looseness so far.

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