Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chaff literally goes offroad.

I'd organised a trailride with my friend Chaff out through Stony Trail and into Boonanghi State Forest once again.

We decided to go in reverse of our previous ride and started from Willi Willi Rd up into Toorumbee Creek Rd.

Toorumbee Creek Rd is narrow to say the least and I was doing my best to stick left in case of traffic.

I spotted a blue ford station wagon approaching at rode into the drain at the side to let him pass.

I signaled to the driver "1 more" and watched my mirrors as the car continued down the road.

I saw the car stop and Chaff appeared on the wrong side of the car then dissappeared.

I was pretty sure he had shot off the road, so headed back to see if he was ok.

Here he was laid up in a huge lantana bush, surrounded by stumps and sharp rocks.

The fellow in the car had stopped to asked if he was allright. He then indicated he was in a hurry and left.

Probably late to file his dole form.

After I had worked out Chaff was unharmed I had a good laugh at his expense.

Considering the height at which he left the road, he'd been extremely lucky.

Chaff had a rope in his bag, which we secured to the bike and dragged it out.

We then continued our trip, and apart from one wrong turn it was pretty enjoyable.

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