Friday, June 25, 2010

DR650SE gets a refit.

The DR's sprockets were standard gearing and 525 chain.

It was much too tall at 16FR-41R and 525 chain is not the most common.

It can be a bit hard to find even a master link for them in the average bike shop.

So considering I've been doing a fair bit of narrow track bush trails lately I geared it right down.

Im using a standard 16 tooth front sprocket, and 45 on the rear.

Its best to keep the front diameter larger for better wear on both chain and sprockets.

DID 520VM X Ring chain this time, and I hope for good wear rates.

I called up a shop at Wauchope and ordered all the gear.

The tyre is a Mitas E-07. I'd read good things about them on the ADV Forums

I like the look of the tyre. I was pretty impressed with its performance both on and off road.

Its obviously not a knobby. It will load up in extremely muddy conditions, but its still a great tyre.

Previously I had a pair of Pirelli M21's, but the rear didnt get beyond 900kms of wear.

Ive done twice that now on the Mitas E-07 and its still got plenty of meat left on it.

I stuck with the M21 on the front though as I cant fault it. Its a great on-off road compromise.

I put 1200 kms on the Mitas and the bike sat for a few days.

I noticed it had gone flat. I took it to my local mechanic and we fitted a new tube.

He found a heap of sticky red paper had worked its way around the tube and chewed the sidewalls.

It seems the apprentice must have left a sticker in the tyre, and as the tyre carcase flexed it created wear.

It was a $40 heavy duty one. Im glad it didnt happen to me 300kms from nowhere.

You can see the wear marks around the edge of the tube.

The stock tank was good for about 180kms of riding, depending on riding style.

I kept a good eye on eBay lately and was lucky enough to spot an IMS 19 litre tank.

The auction was due to end at 3am on a Thursday morning, so I set the alarm and waited.

Luckily no one else was silly enough to wait up that late and I got it at a great price.

You can easily see the size difference.

So today I had a major clean and maintenance day.

Another DR650SE owner is keen to go for a ride out through Yarrowitch.

He's talking 260 plus kms so the tank will be a necessity.

It fitted up with no problems, looks pretty good.

Note my new BMW sitting in the driveway.

I had to grind out the chain block due to the greater diameter but thats cool

It gave me a chance to work out a cheap but effective chain oiler.

Whilst the oiler setup looks a bit bodge, it puts a drop on the sprocket every 5-10 seconds.

It can get a bit messy on the rim, but its a small price.

Considering what I paid for the chain and sprockets Im prepared to try anything.

The drop in gearing has done wonders for accelleration, and still allows 140km plus top speed.

I cant say much for the DID chain though, after 2000kms its looking pretty sad.

Even with a steady flow of oil on it.

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