Tuesday, May 19, 2009

RZ350 Project

I purchased an old RZ350 4-5 years ago. The owner had been killed in a car accident. I had known Darren for nearly 30 years so I was very upset when I heard of it. He was a man who seemed bulletproof. Over the time we'd had some great adventures on bikes and in the bush. I helped him build his house and pretty much lived there for a while. The parties we had were massive. Good times. It was a terrible shame he didn't get to see his kids grow up.

The RZ350 next to my GSX1100EZ

Anyway I dragged the old bike out the other week and fired it up. A bit of clean fuel down the carbies and it kicked over and idled. So I started stripping it down. The rust had come through the paint in several places and the frame had some holes in it. I got my trusty Porto Mig out and braced the weak areas. Several coats of paint stripper and a hit with the pressure washer got it almost clean. The rest I'll do with a wire brush and a bit of wet n dry paper.

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