Monday, May 18, 2009

The Rock

A large rock in our driveway entrance had become quite intrusive. Michele and I decided to attack it with crowbar and shovel. We found it was larger than first expected. With the help of the trusty rusty Hilux we got it out and away. The photos make it look easy.

When the day is almost done, we sit and have a glass of wine and watch the sun go down.

Last Saturday we observed some strange black clouds over Mount Sebastapol.
They were a long way from us and very large
The appeared to coalesce and dissipate randomly sometimes assuming almost solid shapes.
Michele and I were amazed to see one take on the traditional UFO silhouette.
It looked quite solid and substantial. Not blurry or cloudlike at all.
My camera refused to focus on it for some reason. But it was quite distinct and vaporised in seconds. Birds? Bugs? Smoke? I dont think so.
Seemed to high for bugs, and to massive to be birds.
Smoke doesn't come and go. Very unusual.
We both observed the phenomenon for over 30 minutes.

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