Tuesday, May 19, 2009

RZ250 Project

I was watching an RZ250 on eBay a few months ago. It wasnt far away and I scored it for $400.
It was described as "in good condition for its age".
If thats the case Amy Winehouse is also in good condition for her age..
Nearly every bolt was stripped or had UNC coarse threads inserted into metric holes.
Every piece of plastic was cracked, glued or fiberglassed.
The frame is rusted to hell and its abviously been down the road several times on both sides.
It looks a though a drunken chimpanzee has thrown it around for a year or so.
All I really wanted was the tank, and when I asked the seller about it he described it as "pretty good".
He'd attempted to bog gaping rust holes and then Kreem treated the inside without removing the fuel tap. It was farked. Anyway.. still I could use some of the parts.
And they are getting harder to find. So I bought it.

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