Friday, July 28, 2017

Walcha Ride

Midday Saturday. 

Impromptu packing of the motorcycle occurred.

No destination as such.

Just up the Oxley Highway as far as I can get.

I missed Gingers Creek Cafe for fuel but pressed on.

The little Suzuki is thirsty when you wring its neck so I found.

Packed to the gunwhales

Red ones go faster

Jaspers Peak - Oxley Highway

It got bitterly cold at the top of the range.

Cold enough that I couldn't utilise the controls effectively.

So discretion is the better part of valour in this case. 

Dodging wombats and wallabies in darkest night is enough to unsettle the hardiest rider.

Sooo... I pulled in at this little rest stop.

Got a fire going in short order.

Billies on.

4am I got up for a leak and a look around.

Its a trifle chilly at this stage.

I fell asleep in my riding gear and lucky I did.

The sun makes an appearance.

I inspect the patterns in the ice.

The little zook was somewhat tardy in starting this morning.

God knows why.

Apsley Falls was a little further on.

Definitely worth a look.

The old blokes knew what hard yakka was.

Not quite the dirt bike I'm used too.

Met a couple of Kawasaki afficionados in Walcha Servo.

Had a brief chat on the merits of large capacity road burners.

Up the road a bit is Mark Walkers Antipodean Tinkerer Coffee Shop.

Closed for the winter sadly.

I'll catch up to them one day.

I waved Brad over for a yak. 

I gathered he'd know of Mark Walker, and was correct in my surmise.

Nice bloke "Brad from The Royal".

His bike is pretty cool too.

Walcha abounds with art installations.

Both quirky and rustic.

Well worth a walk around.

Winter has brought the red out in this poplar.

Now this is the kind of architecture that appeals to me.

Natural and strong. Aesthetically pleasing.

Practical art. The best kind.

The Apsley Arms

The Royal for breakfast.

I nearly had to break the law.

I thought about breaking the law. But I didn't.

So down the hill to Gingers Creek for lunch. 

Old mate had dropped a uni in the diff.

There's bearings all over in there.

The new Street Triple Triumphs look sex.

I got a bit carried away using the pedal to drop in.

Until my brakes went away that is. 

The fluid is probably 24 years old.

I shall rectify that forthwith.

A good excuse to sit on a corner and take piccies I suppose.

One of the best biking roads around.

I'll be back soon.

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