Friday, July 28, 2017

Twilight Taronga - Peter Garret

I got shouted tickets to Taronga Zoo on a promotional thing.

Dinner included. 

I can rub elbows with the business elite, no problem.

Especially if there's an open bar.

Dont worry. Its plaster.

Goodfellows Tree Kangaroo

A nice bit of timberwork


The chimps were on the warpath

Barbary Sheep


Fennec Fox

A plaster pelican

Some real pelicans

Little bloke gets a piggy back

Treetop walk

Cityscape giraffes

Childrens python

Sun Bear


Great water views


Australian Raven

Remember these things?

Twilight was spectacular

The food was pretty good too

Peter Garret got up and did his thing.

Being an old Midnight Oil fan I was rapt.

Pete and his crew certainly rocked the house.

Thanks to Taronga for an epic meal and night out

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