Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Old Rollands Plains Road to Cobrabald Ride

My friend Leo the chopper pilot wanted to take his Africa Twin for a run.

We headed out through Pipers Creek via Ballengarra Road.

Molly Milligan joins up to Old Rollands Plains Road.

I knew it was a good trail so off we went.

We popped out of Kumbatine NP onto Littles Loop Road.

We saw this flame tree from miles away.

This is a great little swimming hole on Glencoe Creek just before it joins Wilson River.

Leo maps using his iPad with his Helicopter GPS app.

I've not tried this road before. Lets see how it goes.

The DR650 is a stick magnet.

Forestry provided some nice camping here.

Above Wilson River headwaters.

Returning to town I could smell insulation burning.

A substation box had dumped its oil and lit up.

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