Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cockatoo Island to Mungo Brush

Seemed like a good day to be near the water.

The temps were up and the sun was shining.

I hadn't seen Cockatoo Island since I was a kid.

I think its a good idea to check it out again.

You can catch em. But don't eat em.

My new boat over there.

Here comes the ferry.

Nope, you can't go on the island.

They are filming Ninja Challenge.

Nice to see National Parks making a profit at our expense.

The Ninja Warrior set.

Bye Alexander.

So off to find another distraction at Gladesville.

This dog was funny. More like a mountain goat.

So I packed to leave Sydney.

These stupid young girls though it hilarious to ash copiously out the window.

I stopped to wash the embers from my eyes.

I'd taken my wheel to a local Brake and Clutch shop in Chatswood.

They had a big compressor and I knew they could seat the bead.

Problem is the apprentice used motor oil as a bead lube and it ran out everywhere.

I went through Ourimbah roundabout full lock sideways and nearly threw it away.

I tried to wash the worst of it off, but didn't have much luck.

The tyre was still slick as gooseshit, so I pulled off the highway at Awaba to find some mud.

This looks a likely puddle. A few muddy burnouts stripped the worst of the oil.

Hey, someone stepped out of their thongs to unbog a 4wd it seems.

Brand new pluggers. Score!

Out through Tea Gardens and up into Mungo Brush.

A pleasant little foray into unknown territory.

Geez, the Bombah Point Ferry doesn't miss motorbikes.

I was a little short on change. 

Bombah Point runs into Buladelah. Well worth the detour.

I saw a very nasty accident on the way home.

A 4wd and caravan upside down.

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