Saturday, October 11, 2014

Orama - Darkwood - Dorrigo Ride

Fritzie rang me on Friday. He had some mates heading up from Wauchope.

They wanted some info on a route north of Collombatti to Thora.

I put a map together and started talking to Pip about it.

It got a bit complicated to explain over the phone so Pip just asked me to come along.

We kicked off from my place at 8.30am.

I took them through Collombatti State Forest.

We stopped at the Trig for a look around.

Steve is taking the piss out of Fulvio cos he's on Facebook.

Pip goes down the stairs backwards.

I wasn't going to tell this monster not to pick his arse.

Coming out of the Western Range Road.

Up the big hill on Good Friday.

The Sertao rears up out of the dust.

Like the cockpit of a fighter jet.

Top of good Friday.

Steve needs a drink.

This R1200GS moves along pretty quick with Steve on it.

Watch out for the moo.

We pop out on to the highway at Algomerah.

Up though Warrell Creek.

Stopped for a pie and a drink at Macksville.

Heading west to Bowraville.

Pro Ag had a good rollup.

Blairs Road. Getting serious again.

We met this bloke who called himself Scruffy.

He looked familiar to me.

I realised I knew him from the recent swap meet.

He's a good friend of my old man.

He offered to lead us through Orama.

We made our way to Wyenbah Creek.

Had a splash around to get the dust out.

Nice little part of the world.

Better move over for this truck.

We've lost Pip and the boys.

Scruffy showed us a view off Scotchmans Mountain.

Not a bad view.

Somebody built a little humpy up here.

Nice spot for a barby.

We made it to Brinerville - Darkwood Road.

Scruffy sets a pretty good pace on his TTR250.

Die Happy 10km's?

Crossing the Bellinger River.

Up into Swingsaw Trail.

There were a few big hills on the Swingsaw Trail.

On this one Steve left the traction control active.

The big 1200GS won't climb with that working.

But once it was off.. geez. It clambered up like a fat mountain goat.

We dropped down onto the Waterfall Way.

We stopped at Juans Cafe' for lunch.

Here's Juan taking the piss out of our crew.

Scruffy and Juan are old friends. Their casual banter is quite entertaining.

The air turned blue as they traded insults and stories.

The Worlds Smallest Motorcycle Museum.

Nice Harley Dragger.

An Evans.

A shrine to an M20 Beeza.

Juans Cafe'

The waterfall on Waterfall Way.

It pissed rain on the way into Freddo.

We waited it out for a bit.

I left the boys here to make their way home.

Thanks for a great day fellas.

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