Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Marowin Brook Trail

Last weekend we took a ride into Double Head - Werrikimbe.

Pete, Julian and I were making good time on the Willi Willi Road.

Then the grey beast started stepping out on the rear tyre more than usual.

Sure enough, the back tyre was flat as a tack.

Thanks to the Farrier who didn't seat this nail properly.

Julian was keen as mustard and grabbed the tyre levers.

The first bite of the lever was too deep and he pinched my new replacement.

I don't usually let other people on the tools. I remember why now.

So we started again and fitted my new 21' tube to the 17' rear.

Only a temporary fix, but it will keep us going.

We got to the top of Spokes Trail and walked out to Hoppies Lookout.

I must have backed the DR into a tree fern.


Julian decided to drop his WR on my DR. 

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