Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gingers Creek to Walcha Ride

Peeby and Froof  decided they'd head down to Gloucester for the weekend.

They asked if I'd like to tag along.

Sure, I might go as far as Walcha then turn around.

Bago Bluff in the background.

Up the Oxley Highway

The bumblebee Fizzer met us at Long Flat.

The Moto Morini is a nice looking machine.

Bill and Keith check out a chinese made Odes.
We had a yak to the young bloke who owned it.
He ran a dealership for them out of Queensland.

Peeby bought Bills Fizzer recently.
Froof scored an old one which he tidied up.

We met this 990 at Apsley.

Can you guess the speed?

My god. Who vandalised this JappaHarley?

Froof checks his front disc. It was a bit loose.

Bill and Peeby are scratching their heads wondering how it stayed attached.

Bill and his Trident go off to round up japanese motorcycles.
Nah, really he went home to go for a ride on his Harley.

Peeby gets some fuel and chats with the nice lady at Gingers Cafe.

We had two RJAYS Jacket owners with the same issues.
The zips were cactus and the velcro too short to do up.
Poor showing from RJAYS.

Nice red Duke with a matching gear bag.

The Apsley Falls Gate.

The gorge down from the falls.

Froof went for a walk. He was shagged from all the steps.

I went down to the viewing platform.

It was worthwhile for the view.

We had some lunch at Walcha and watched all the Ninja Turtles ride past.

Peeby and Froof headed down to Gloucester to work on a headache.

I had things to do at home, so went back down the Oxley. At legal speeds of course.

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