Friday, August 24, 2012

Little Thumb Creek to Ennis Road

This is Ian. He gets to ride a motorbike all day.

This is a CBR1100XX my dad bought as a wreck.

We helped him lift it out of the trailer as he's much to old for such work.

Kingy gets told in no uncertain terms the perils of motorcycling.

Kingy decided 54PSI was a little bit too much in his front tyre.

We thought it best to give way.

I wouldn't like to drop myself down there.

Craig likes fairy floss.

Kingy hits a tree at speed. I laugh and take photos.

I clipped a log and broke my gear lever spring.

We bodgied it up something fierce.

Kingy and Craig are still laughing at my somersault over the bars.


You'd think Craig might shout himself a new tyre now and then?

Craig got stuck on this big hill. Whose laughing now Craig?

Incredible who you meet in the middle of no where.

My old mate Dave.

The Nat Parks boys were doing some fire control work down the ridge.

I gave Dave a lift back to his car. It was a bloody long walk otherwise.

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