Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wauchope Ride

I decided to Take my Bandit over to Wauchope to see what Mud N Tar could offer for a trade in.
If the offer was decent I could trade up to a new DL650 V-Strom at $10890.
I talked to Rod on the phone, and he offered me a test ride on one of his demo Stroms.

I had to stop and look at this old Valiant. My dad and Grandad both had Pacers.

Rod had restored this PE250 to showroom condition.

Rod offered $5000 as trade on the Bandit. It's easily worth $6000.
I'll do a private sale and see how I go. I didn't get a ride on a V-Strom either.

I spotted this Buell fueling up for a run up the Oxley. 
I had a quick yak with the owner.

Then I explored some of the riverside areas of Wauchope.
Such a pretty little town.

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