Saturday, May 5, 2012

Good Friday - Wilsons Trail

Kingy arranged a ride to Wilson's Trail once again.
We just love throwing ourselves on the ground I suppose.
A decent group of riders turned up, and we headed out to meet Tony Mac and his Berg.

We spotted Phil Laycock at the end of Jacks Crossing.
He was taking his young fellow out for some rider training.
Who was training who I wonder?

At the bottom of Kurrajong Trail we heard another bike in the distance.
Eric Walsh made a better late than never arrival.
Kingy wanted to get some GoPro footage of me on the way up.
It's a shame he couldn't catch me. I was in good form.

Spike is still a handbag.

Not a bad view from the Collombatti Trig today.

So we headed up that f@cking hill, as it has been termed.
It was carnage. Bikes laying everywhere.

Ben Lee managed a perfect about face and shot back down the hill.
He couldn't have done it better if he'd tried.

Little Bob entertained us all by binning it right in front of a sympathetic crowd.

Tony Mac approaches all obstacles like this. Wheel in the air.

Tony offers advice, Eric cracks bad jokes and Kingy just laughs.

At this point Tony Mac clipped a tree and hit the deck.
I did the same thing and rolled around in pain for a while.
A nice set of bruises were collected here.

Little Rob was cracking on the WRF.

Little Bob waits to see if the previous rider made it.

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