Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Carrai-Tapin Tops-Nowendoc-Nundle-Moonan Flat-Barrington Tops

It was the hottest weekend this summer. I was hanging to get out on my bike. By about 10am I'd made up my mind. By lunchtime I was packed and ready to go. I headed west and stopped at Mooneba to drink a few litres of water. It was 41 degrees.

I headed up through Willi Willi and onto the Carrai Road.

Fuck it, I'm off.

Up through Willi Willi

Willi Willi - Moparrabah


Willi Willi Lookout

Kemps Pinnacle

Werrikimbe Wilderness

Youdales Hut Trail

Kangaroo Flat

Tar in the mddle of nowhere

Bin Bin Bin House

Poor old wombat

Gingers Creek

Blue Knob Fire Observation Tower

View from Blue Knob

Dingo Tops Traction Engine

Little carpet snake

Camp at Nowendoc

A visitor using my water

Nowendoc store for fuel

Port Stephens Pass

On the way to Woolomin

Woolomin store

Chaffey Dam

Triumph boys at Nundle

Crawney Pass

Through Barry Station

Isis River Valley

Moonan Flat Pub

West side view from Barrington Tops

Looking South

Barrington Tops Dingo gate

Some people just cant control themselves

Devils Hole Lookout

Leaving Devils Hole

Entering Copeland Tops

On the way to Gloucester

Fellow ADV inmates
The route


Michael Lee - mikehomemods@bigpond.com said...

Looks a top trip - I saw the blue car off the Barrington Tops road (but it didn't have the cones around it) when I was heading west on my BMW650 Dakar on a trip to the Hunter. But that was on the Saturday so we missed each other by a day. I wave to all other bikers - and I'll be looking for yellow Suzukis now! I found your photos on Google Earth and searched for more - they are all great and many are of places I've been but didn't have the talent to photograph so well. Keep up the good work! Mick from Wittitrin / Smithtown.

Ian said...

It was a good one. Spontaneous rides are often like that. Sounds like I didn't miss you by much then, and I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you in the future. I usually wave myself, but it seems not many people return them these days. Bit of a shame as I like to think bikers are a sort of extended family. I'm pleased you enjoy my photos and I appreciate the good feedback. Makes it all worthwhile. If you feel like joining us for a ride feel free to contact me. I'm usually planning something new. Cheers.