Monday, February 14, 2011

Carrai Plateau Ride

The MV Adventure Riders Group on facebook has been working pretty well. We've managedto get good numbers on quite a few rides lately. This Sundays ride plan was to meet at Willawarrin, then head up into the Carrai Plateau area and down into Youdales.

Twelve bikes showed for this one, with the majority of them being KTM's.

Only two major issues over the day, Kingy punched a hole in his crankcase and all his oil fell out. This led to a mild siezure of the engine, which was his first indication that something was wrong.

Alan ran into a 4wd with his nice new KTM and smashed his headlight/guard. He was lucky to escape serious injury. with only a few scrapes to show for it.

Apart from this the day was pretty damn good, with low dust levels thanks to a storm the previous night. Traction wasnt a problem and the roads were in great condition.


Erics new space ship

Orange hurts my eyes.

The boys crossing Toorooka Bridge

Looking past Warbro at Hopes Farm
The start of Willi Willi
A middle of the road meeting
Banda Banda on the left
Eric wiping the dust from his new bike
Chunks beastie
The DR650 trying to hide in the bush
Tony arriving to inform me I'd overshot the turn
Zook Zook Husaberg
Whats going on back there?
Down the switchback road
Brushy Mountain Reserve

Chunk says "pull my finger"
Tony & his FE570 Berg

Where to now?

Oh, under that tree I suppose

Rob trying to get away

Rob having a little liedown


Crossing the brook

This is the hole where the oil should be

Hooking up the tow rope

Kingy arsing about

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