Friday, January 14, 2011

Taylors Arm Ride

We were on time, but Petes still in his shorts

Petes very bodge boot fix

Les is late. Hurry up Les!

First stop of the day

Pete compressing his suspension

Les putting it down

Top of Collombatti Trig again

High speed downhill run

Shane steaming out of the creek

Julian inspecting some lantana

Our first deadfall tree of the day

Just hold her there boys

Theres a bridge under there apparently

Now this tree stopped us for a while

But we improvised and hauled them over

The side that we wanted to be on

Shane dragging the chain again

Its green as hell up here now

Les & Pete looking very serious

The pub has heaps of beer now

The Cosmopolitan eh?

The beer is good & the food is excellent!

This is Pete just after he fell off. lol.

Shane having a good crack the the snotty hill

With this result

Julian was having some trouble as well

Here goes the third try

My old DR was tired. Or not "tyred" enough

I took the easy way out. It was more scenic.

Its a Morris Mango!

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