Sunday, January 9, 2011

Marys View January Ride

Chris spotted me on facebook chat and invited me on a last minute ride up to Marys View.
I've done this ride with Eric only recently but it's to good to pass up.
The plan was for an early start at Chris's place, but that didnt happen.
His iPhone suffered from the latest alarm bug, (so he says).
After he dragged himself out of bed and threw some gear on the bike we were away.
The clouds were looming and its showered off and on as we headed through Turners Flat.

These little fellows are all over Coopers place

Stopped on the Toorumbee Creek Bridge

Heading up through Willi Willi its looks pretty damp

At the foothills of the Carrai Road

Brett posing up big time

Stopped at the Forestry Hut - Kookaburra

The old Kookaburra Schoolhouse - For Rent

The boys fueling up again

Not much of a view from McMillans Hut today

The grass is going wild up here with all the rain lately

The sign indicates how wet is gets up here

The old engine at Daisy Plains

The engine looks somewhat surprised?

This is why its called Daisy Plains

No filter on this, just raw speed

The shower & cookhouse at Cochranes Trail

Its a beautiful area up here

The green would hurt your eyes

The dorms of the Forestry huts

Decent accomodation for a camp

Even old bikies can enjoy flowers

Brett waiting for Chris after he missed the turn

Top of Marys view

Marys View

Chris caning his CRF

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