Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mark Walker & Big Ned

My good friend Mark Walker is an engineering genius. He's also somewhat of a guru, with a very calm and philosophical air to him. Mark is a self taught engineer, capable of creating machinery beyond the dreams of most people. Mark is also dyslexic. He cant read or write to save himself. All of his designs and schematics come straight out of his head. He's been a good friend of my parents for 40 odd years.

I well remember visiting his home in Sydney and being fascinated by his creations. Everything he builds is bigger and just a little bit different to most other motorcycles. The images will describe this better than I ever could.


Lawrence said...

I've been searching for more pics of Mark Walker work. Your pics are great and I'm always interested to here about people's awesome home grown engineering. Are there any more pics out on the web?

Ian said...

As far as I know their are no other pics like this, some are mine and others supplied by Mark. There are a few small articles in local papers and the like, but this blog is the best resource as yet. Mark has a new project going at the moment, he's just emailed me the first images of it. I will post it soon and probably visit him to get some new ones. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

hey ian hi my name is jim i have known mark for a long time ,yes what a machine . i have filled tank up few times at drags .i am wanting to contact him to say hello ,is this possible
thanks jim

Ian said...

G'day Jim. Contact me at and I'll see what I can do.